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  • Rain, rain here to stay ☔️
While I drink my Irish cream latte 🍀
  • Stop and smell the coffee...
  • Round 4 with Autumn, someone our longtime customers will recognize.
• Have you always lived in Livermore? I've lived in Southern California and Flagstaff, Arizona.
• When did you start at Rosetta? August 2015. I left for a bit after I had a baby then came back.
• What's your go-to drink? An iced americano with sugar free hazelnut.
• Got a drink recommendation? Lavender cappuccino!
• What's something others might not know about you? I like lemon juice on almost any food 😜🍋 Catch Autumn on Friday mornings and make sure to check out her hand-stitched headbands for sale near our other merchandise!
  • Tiramisu gelato makes for a perfect affogato!
  • We roast our beans locally every week! Stop by to grab a bag of our medium roast Dolce Blend or order online. Set up a subscription and save 60 cents per 12 oz bag!
  • Did you know we offer single origin light roast beans in addition to our medium roast dolce blend? These beans come farm direct from San Juanillo, Costa Rica and are roasted in small batches. Try them if you're looking for a more citrusy flavor in an espresso based drink or drip coffee.

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