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  • Autumn: I don't know what I made.
  • Hope everyone has a great Easter! We will be closed tomorrow. Seeya on Monday 🐰
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  • Rain, rain here to stay ☔️
While I drink my Irish cream latte 🍀
  • Stop and smell the coffee...
  • Round 4 with Autumn, someone our longtime customers will recognize.
• Have you always lived in Livermore? I've lived in Southern California and Flagstaff, Arizona.
• When did you start at Rosetta? August 2015. I left for a bit after I had a baby then came back.
• What's your go-to drink? An iced americano with sugar free hazelnut.
• Got a drink recommendation? Lavender cappuccino!
• What's something others might not know about you? I like lemon juice on almost any food 😜🍋 Catch Autumn on Friday mornings and make sure to check out her hand-stitched headbands for sale near our other merchandise!

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