Hand-Crafted, High-Quality Espresso DrinksOne of the first things newcomers want to know about our coffee: “How does it taste?” At Espresso Rosetta, you always know that whatever you order, you’re going to walk away with one of the best espresso drinks you’ve ever tasted. For us, quality always comes first. In fact, it was our pursuit for great-tasting espresso that inspired us to open up our very own coffee shop in Livermore back in 2015. And it’s that same pursuit of consistent quality and new, exciting flavor combinations that keeps us going today.
Our TechniqueEspresso runs in our blood. That’s not an exaggeration, either. We use proven techniques that have been passed down within the family, tested and retested until the best flavor profile was nailed down to a science. We know the right temperature to roast our beans, how to make sure water evenly infuses the grounds, and that a shorter pull (called ristretto) is best for our particular roast of beans. In short, we know what makes your cappuccino taste perfect every time. While we already have a wealth of coffee knowledge under our belts, we are always itching to learn more and to share that knowledge with our baristas and our customers. The owners of Espresso Rosetta are constantly participating in training, research, and experimentation in the flavorful world of espresso. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you. Want to know more about why we do what we do? Head over to the About Us page for additional insights.